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株式会社ピーアールシー 最高品質、最新技術 果て無き金型技術の追求


We strive to create the most ideal molds for Japan’s manufacturing industry.

Japan’s rapid growth all started from a shared passion to create high quality products, and this passion was directed into molding technologies. Molds form the basis for the development of high quality products.

PRC focuses primarily on molds for automobiles, OA devices, electronic components, LED lenses, aeronautical vehicles, and precision manufacturing industries. We hold the largest market share of the liquid silicone mold industry in Japan.

At PRC we always utilize the latest manufacturing equipment and processing technologies to create our molds. We maintain a small but elite crew of engineers who are capable of bringing our unique experience and know-how into the next generation.

Our primary goal lies in the creation of the ideal molds for manufacturing. To achieve this, we strive to increase the precision of each individual component to improve productivity and quality.

And we will continue to work towards this goal until we are recognized on a global scale as Japan’s foremost provider of quality molds.