Non-Flash Mold

PRCの金型技術Because the flash that is created around rubber or in-between rubber products as a result of their design cannot be reused, this material was previously always thrown away. However, at PRC we thought that this process was a significant waste and have continued research in this field since our original establishment.The molds we developed are runner-less and have been designed to reduce flash as much as possible in order to minimize the waste of rubber materials and reduce the workload required to remove it. This helps us to reduce costs and conserve resources. As a result we have achieved an injection gate of 0.3 mm and achieved a first pass yield of 98%.

Merits of Reducing flash

  • Reduction of material waste
  • Reduction of overall waste (garbage)
  • Reduction of labor costs for product manufacturing

These three reductions increase productivity and enable eco-friendly manufacturing.

The World of Micro Precision


Our advanced design and mold materials, cutting-edge machining equipment, processing technologies, quality/temperature control, and non-flash molds are used for tiny components in the micro machines, latest medical devices and enable us to achieve a lens surface accuracy of 30 to 80 nm.

These nano-scale components can be difficult to use, even if they can be processed. PRC manufactures high-precision products that are not only small, but functional.