There are many different manufacturing methods, depending on the shape and materials used in the end product. PRC specializes primarily in LIM molds that use liquid silicone. We can also handle injection molding, transfer molding, compression molding, two-color molding, and more. We can also design and manufacture peripheral equipment and jig mounting/removal devices for automation to meet the unique needs of our customers.


LIM is an acronym for "liquid injection molding", which is a molding process that involves using liquid source materials (usually two liquids) and combining them at a set ratio, injecting them into a hightemperature mold and heating them to harden.

Special feature (1) Increased Productivity

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) hardens 3 to 8 times faster than standard millable rubber, which reduces processing time.

Special feature (2) Increased Workability

Materials are provided in drum cans or pails, and all mold processes are closed. This keeps foreign objects at extremely low levels and enables completely automated production with high quality and safety.

Special feature (3) Environmental Considerations

No-flash, runner-less molds eliminate waste and enable eco-friendly manufacturing. No harmful gases are emitted during cross-linking, so the working environment is also improved.

LIM Video

We have published a video showing our LIM work.

Injection controller for 4 or 8 gates

The injection controller can be used to specify the open/close timing of gates.

Air valve unit for gate operation

The air valve is activated by a signal from the injection controller.

Cold shut-off nozzle

This component is used to inject LIM materials into the LIM.

Injection molding

A method of molding that involves injecting and cross-linking materials with the mold closed. Greatly increases the number of shots, which makes this method perfect for mass production of products.

Transfer molding

This method involves inserting rubber materials into an inlet and pressing the materials into a mold. (Also known as direct pressure molding.) This method provides exceptional dimensional precision as materials are pressed with the mold closed. However, this method incurs material loss at pot and liner sections.

Compression molding

This method presses solid rubber materials into a mold.(Compression molding) Usually a cutting nipper is used to finish off any flash from the final product.

Two-color molding

This method is used to manufacture a product made of two different materials in a single injection mold by an injection molding machine. This requires building two different molds, and is different from insertion molding. The first side is molded and then applied to the second side to form the final product.


We have developed our own jigs to meet the requests of our customers depending on the extraction method. [Examples] Protrusion jigs, extraction jigs, loaded jigs, withdrawal jigs, detachment jigs, and removal jigs

Product protrusion jig

Shatter resistant jig